A government-mandated system that pays monetary benefits to those injured in the workplace.

Worker’s Compensation

Coverage for your employees in the event of a hazard on the job, including injury & illness. The owner has the option to include or exclude themselves from the policy coverage in the state of MA. Don’t receive a stop work order while on the job, cover yourself in advance and obtain a proof of coverage certificate before starting at your job site!!

***Bundle discount available when written with other Commercial business lines***

Workers Compensation is a government-mandated system that pays monetary benefits to those injured in the workplace. Moreover, this compensation is not just given to those injured, but also those who have been left with a disability due to an occurrence in their workplace.

This type of insurance can only be claimed if the injury was sustained in your place of employment or as a result of your job. Many business owners favor this policy type as they will not be held liable should an incident occur.

Additionally, your employees will not be able to sue you or your business for negligence should they rely on this policy. This is known as a compensation bargain. The Compensation bargain is in place to protect both the employer and the employee.
Recourse is the legal right to demand compensation or payment. Additionally, it is something an employer gives up when they agree to a Workers’ compensation policy. When employers agree to workers compensation, they are agreeing to a certain amount of liability. However, by doing so, they will avoid a large negligence lawsuit. As a result, Workers Compensation is in place to benefit all parties as they will avoid the legal fees attached to a trial.

Most compensation policies cover medical fees related to the injury sustained by the employee. This compensation can only be claimed when the injury took place during their work shift. For example, if they get into a car wreck on their way to work, they could not claim compensation as it happened outside of work. However, an injury sustained as a direct result of the job would allow them to claim compensation.

If an employee is on medical leave due to this injury, they could also claim sick pay during this time. Finally, if an employee were to lose their life due to a workplace accident, workers compensation would make payments to their family members or any other dependents.

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