There’s a motor home for just about any taste and budget. You might have something basic — just enough to add a few amenities to your camping trips. Perhaps you retired, sold the house and travel full-time in a luxuriously outfitted 40-foot RV. Maybe you split the difference with a Class C motor home you can easily store in your driveway.


What Does Recreational Vehicle Insurance Cover?

RV insurance policies cover direct and accidental physical damage to a motor home, including permanently installed accessories such as awnings, antennas, and satellite dishes. The range includes — but isn’t limited to — collision, lightning, flooding, landslides, wind and hail, wild animals, fire and smoke, vandalism and theft, and trees and overhangs.

You may have paid a large sum of money to own your off-road recreational vehicle and may want to protect against loss due to an unexpected event or accident. In addition, there is also the risk to your assets if you should have an at-fault accident and become liable for bodily injury or property damage to another party. While your automobile policy may provide coverage for your cars, trucks, or motorcycles that have been registered with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, as well as trailers attached to those vehicles, a standard policy does not cover off-road recreational vehicles such as unregistered trail bikes, all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies, go-carts, and snowmobiles. Similarly, your home insurance policy may provide limited coverage for small vehicles such as riding mowers, golf carts, or wheelchairs, but does not provide coverage for off-road recreational vehicles.

The Division of Insurance has assembled some information to help you understand the issues involved in shopping for off-road and recreational vehicle insurance.

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