Classic car insurance offers some key benefits compared to daily driver or “regular” insurance.


Lower premiums

We understand your car is a prized passion and will be driven with great caution, so premiums are adjusted accordingly. With a daily driver insurance policy, your classic may be rated like a regular-use vehicle, and you’ll be charged as if you were driving the vehicle every day.

Guaranteed Value

More commonly known as “agreed value” coverage, it means you tell the carrier the value of your classic and they will affirm that it’s a fair, accurate number. Then, they guarantee that value will be paid to you in the event of a covered total loss. Regular car insurance carriers offer “actual cash value” or “stated value” coverage, which may depreciate the value of your vehicle in the event of a claim, resulting in a smaller payout than you anticipate. D

Flexible usage

Even if you have full physical damage coverage through a regular car insurance carrier, there may be mileage and usage restrictions to control how and when your classic is driven. An antique auto policy allows flexible usage such as occasional pleasure use or to attend unlimited events and cruises.

How to apply

You tell the carrier what you believe the value is, sending in a few photos as evidence, and the antique auto experts will determine the agreed value. Once determined, the value will not be reduced unless you want it to be. And given the rapid increases in collector car values, it is a good idea to periodically review and adjust the value to remain fully protected.

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